A: Bumped Up proteins were formulated with Baby and Mommy in mind. Having an all natural source of protein free of: hormones, rBGH & rBST, antibiotics, artificial dyes and sweeteners, these proteins are a much cleaner alternative than traditional proteins found in most retailers.*
A: Yes. Whey is a protein derived from cow's milk, and keeping it natural with all the enzymes, vitamins was a vital step in the creation. To minimize processing but also ease digestion, it has been loaded with a digestive enzyme blend to help Mommy break down and utilize the proteins found in whey.*
A: The primary difference is the added 5g of all natural coconut oil powder in the postnatal protein. The combination of healthy fats and protein are ideal for nursing support.*
A: 100% stevia in all of our flavors.*
A: Yes. Bumped Up Proteins are made to supplement your protein intake to make sure you are getting the necessary increase for you and your baby.*
A: Yes. All the ingredients are sourced from all natural herbs and seeds and packed in to two veggie capsules.*
A: Yes. We believe our products are great. However, every situation is different, and recommend consulting your physician before adding to your diet and supplement regimen.*

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